Personalized treatments as part of a holistic approach to healing.


Herbal Consultation

Diagnosis and Differentiation of symptoms and appropriate herbal formula recommendation/prescription.

Nutritional Consultation

Personalized Dietary Recommendations based on TCM theory visit type.

Group Acupuncture

Community style acupuncture treatment: 30 minute session. Cost per person. This treatment is offered in an open space and is not a private treatment. Ears, head and extremities treated only (ears, head, forearms, hands, legs, feet).

Individual Acupuncture

Personalized acupuncture treatment as part of a holistic approach to healing. Treatment applied based on diagnosis and differentiation of symptomolgy, or for health maintenance. 

*Consultation required

The Blacupuncturist

Acudetox Sessions

Group treatment, community style: The NADA Protocol is a 5 point treatment on the ears using acupuncture, beads, or seeds to address addiction, stress, and trauma.